• If you are traveling with someone please enter on the same card.
  • Always have a different second preference because if we cannot use your first preference we will try to use your second preference. Having the same preferences does not ensure you get your preference, it only makes it more difficult for us to accommodate you. We do try our best to use your preferences, but sometimes we simply cannot use your preference, as the program needs to ensure we put on a decent rodeo.
  • Take advantage of our online entry form. It is posted the Thursday before entry day. Please use the correct information in the correct places.
  • We do not use email entry anymore, you can use our online entry form or call on entry day,
  • Sometimes we accept late entries but you will not be guaranteed your preferences. Late entries make it hard for us to accommodate you, it messes with our draw and stock. Please enter accordingly.
  • If you have issues with the draw, please phone on calls backs day. We have this day to make any necessary changes. It is very inconvenient and difficult to make changes past call back days.
  • When entering multiple rodeos please ensure that your preferences match your availability and do not conflict with one another.
  • When entering other associations rodeos and ours that are on the same dates, make sure they do not conflict with one another. This is when having a second preference is important. We can not work around all the other rodeos you may be entering, but we do try our best to accommodate your preferences.
  • If you need to turn out, medical out, or vet out, please let us know as soon as possibly as we may be able to accommodate someone else's preferences.