Coverage Style & Gallery Access The association has decided to do the all-access style coverage again. This means that all contestants contribute in their entry fees and receive access to download high resolution files as soon as the gallery is finished. You are then allowed to use the files for whatever personal use you need them for, including printing. I will be doing my best to get the gallery done as fast as possible.
The gallery can be found at under the rodeos tab.
Download Pin for 2019 Gallery: 10119
Extra Prints Any printing you would still like me to do from the finals is 50% off my regular prices. Use code LRAFIN50
Steps for Downloading from the Gallery 1. Open a single photo to view 2. The word ‘Download’ will be an option somewhere around the edge of the screen 3. When you click it, it will ask for the above pin 4. Once the pin is entered, you choose the file size y