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Notice to all Barrel Racers

Just a reminder:


***BARREL RACERS DUTIES*** the last 2 Ladies and the last Junior Barrel Racers are responsible to check the markers with the judge an hour before the performance.  The judges will put up and take down the timers now. 

. If the committee is not supplying some sort of racking system  

the top three girls must also supply rakes and find rakers for each performance and slack.  I will be contacting every committee prior to the rodeo to request they supply a raking system.   

If anyone has a problem with the judges not cooperating please
let me know so I can address the problem with the LRA judging director.
It does not matter if you are a LRA member it is still your responsibility
to perform your duties, the only ones exempt are local entries, it is
a good idea to ensure that there is no turnouts etc. in the top or bottom
3 as the duties move up or downwith turnouts etc.
This is everyone’s last reminder before fines will be levied